Desain Bangku Kreatif

Unik tapi Fakta -
Coral Bench

Algorithmically generated laser cut pattern extends along the full length of this stylish bench.

Fault Line Bench
Unique jagged shaped bench designed by Cameron Van Dyke.

Odalisque Bench
Handmade bench by New York based designer Pryor Callaway.

Stay Bench
Modern park bench inspired by flowers and tree branches.

E-Turn Bench
Fiberglass bench designed by Brodie Neill for Kundalini.

Pencil Bench
Cool bench made from 1,600 pencils which are individually sprung.

Quarry Bench
Beautiful and stylish modern bench designed by Ryan Dart.

Muscle Bench
Modern bench soldered and bent from steel by Alexandre Moronnoz.

Infinity Bench
Stylish wooden bench designed by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt.


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